Monday, April 20, 2009

And So It Ends...

Yep, sorry to say that this will probably be The Edge of Your Seat's last post. :(

Blogging was sort of an experiment for me; a little side project where I could vent my moveh opinions. But, I've got a bunch of other projects that I'm more focused on that I'd like to get finished.

It's been good fun for me, and I hope for any of you readers too! Sadly, I just can't keep this up and my other things at the same time... and those other things have first dibs on my time (they've been around longer :P ).

But that does not have to be goodbye! If you enjoyed my humour and silly pictures, you might want to give my DeviantArt gallery a look (where I'm aka Nocmin ^_^). It's filled with all kinds of fun stuff, particularly short comics, with the general style of what you saw here.

So, it's been a good run. Thanks to all of you who commented and shared your ideas. And if there are future comments, I'll still check in every once in a while to keep up the conversation.

See y'all around!